How to Create Android apps without coding for free

Friend's, we all know that Android is one of the most used mobile platform in the world. Android is free and open-source, a Linux-based operating system for mobile Phones, Smartphone and computers. Android Operating System developed by Handset Alliance led by Google and other Many companies.

Android Operating System software has been developed by Google for mobile Phones. It includes an Operating System, User interface and applications. In addition to touch screen devices, Google has further developed Android TV for televisions, Android Wear for wrist watches, Android Auto for cars and each with a specialised user interface. Variants of Android are also used on notebooks, consoles, game, digital cameras, and other. If you have much experience or thought about android app’s but don’t have any coding experience then this post is going to benefit you..!


You can easily Create an own Android app and put in on Android Market Palace and Monetize it with higher traffic.

How To Create Android Apps Without Coding:

Many people think it is very difficult to create the android app because they don’t know about this post. In this post, I telling you to make a free android app without Coding or Programing knowledge, means you don’t need to know JavaScript Coding or any Programing Language knowledge you can easily build your own android app without coding.

There are lots of websites available on the internet to create android apps without any coding. Here I'm going to share top best sites list to develop Free android app easily.

These are the best sites for android application making without any coding:-

  1. Appsgeyser: This is one of the Most Top online tools to Build Free Android App. You can build you app by choosing a template and App Category. Your app will have all you need including messaging, social sharing, tabs and full support for HTML5 enhancements. you can also monetize your apps from the Appsgeyser dashboard.I Recommend you to build your Android app on Appsgeyser 
  2. AppClay: AppClay, conceived and created by core development experts at ShepHertz Technologies, is an esteemed intuitive interface that enables each one of us- become an App developer effortlessly without any coding, software installation, maintenance and financial investment. Anyone can use AppClay to create HTML5 and ANDROID native Apps supported by all widely popular devices.
  3.  AndroidCreator: It is Most Popular Tool to Build Free Android App, I also Developed my own Android app on this Platform. you can build you app with this free tool. 
  4. Appypie: It is also a top best platform to Build Free Android app. You can build and publish your Android app from there. You can create Business, Professional and Entertainment Android App from them. 
  5. AppMachine: Start making your company or personal app right away. It’s easy, fun and free to build your app. You just have to build the app and App Machine will publish it in Apple and Android store. AppMachine makes the creation of high-quality apps easy and affordable.

AppsGeyser and above-listed websites are the best sites for android app making without any coding. These sites provide you to create many types of apps like Website, Page, Browser, Youtube app ( for you channel ), Book, Wallpaper and Quiz apps etc.

Process for Create Android App:

In order to make these apps, you need to create the free account on this website. After this, you have to select you app category mentioned above later on you will have to select app name description about your application. After all these things you have to click on Create App button. After in few minutes you will be able to download your created app in app format. You can also further update your app.

How to Publish Android app on Google Play Store & Earn money:

I hope this tutorial how to make the android app without any coding and Earn Money from It if useful for all of you, If you know any similar Site to create the AndroidApp without coding then comment below. If you found this article helpful then Share it and if you have any question regarding this post you can ask with me in below comment box.
Thank You.