What is Software Engineering (Introduction)

The introduction  of Software Engineering: 

The establishment of software engineering Principles is “In order to obtain the software that is economical, reliable and Works efficiently on real machines”. Software engineering discusses Systematic and costs effective techniques to software development. These techniques have resulted from innovations as well as lessons learnt from past mistakes. Alternatively, we can view software engineering as the engineering approach to develop software.


Categories of Computer Software:

Ÿ  System Software: - System Software is a collection of programs written to service other Programs e.g. - compilers, editors.

Ÿ     Real-time Software: - Software that monitors/analyses/controls real world events as they occur is called real-time software for e.g. - Real time manufacturing Process control.

Ÿ      Business Software: - Business information Processing is the largest single software application area. They include Software that accesses one or more large database containing business information .for e.g. – payroll, inventory, Accounts.

Ÿ       Engineering And Scientific Software: - Engineering software is the software required for the engineering & scientific development purpose, e.g. - lEX, YACC, CAD, CAM; it will include all case tools and System stimulation.

Ÿ      Embedded Software: - Embedded software resides in read only memory and is used to control, Product and systems for the consumer and industrial markets e.g.:- Fuel control, dashboard displays.

Ÿ      Personal computer software: - These software are used for enhancing the personal computers & to facilities more control; to the user e.g. computer graphic, multimedia, text editors.

Ÿ    Web-based Software: - The web pages retrieved by a browser are software that incorporates executable instructions (e.g. – JAVA, HTML & CGI) and data.

Ÿ         Artificial intelligence Software: - for e.g. – Expert systems, pattern Recognitions.