Computer Network : Application Area of Computer Networking


There is a long list of application areas, which can be benefited by establishing Computer Networks. Few of the potential applications of Computer Networks are:

  v   Information retrieval systems which search for books, technical reports, papers and articles on particular topics
  v   News access machines, which can search past news, stories or abstracts with given search criteria.
  v   Airline reservation, hotel booking, railway-reservation, car-rental, etc.
  v   A writer's aid: a dictionary, thesaurus, phrase generator, indexed dictionary of quotations, and encyclopedia.
  v   Stock market information systems which allow searches for stocks that meet certain criteria, performance comparisons, moving averages, and various forecasting techniques.
  v   Electronic Financial Transactions (EFT) between banks and via cheque clearing house.
  v   Games of the types that grow or change with various enthusiasts adding to the complexity or diversity.
  v   Electronic Mail Messages Systems (EMMS).
  v   Corporate information systems such as marketing information system, customer information system, product information system, personnel information system, etc.
  v   Corporate systems of different systems such as Order-Entry System, Centralized Purchasing, Distributed Inventory Control, etc.
  v   On-line systems for Investment Advice and Management, Tax Minimization, etc.
  v   Resources of interest to a home user.
  v   Sports results.
  v   Theatre, movies, and community events information.
  v   Shopping information, prices, and advertisements.
  v   Restaurants; good food guide.
  v   Household magazine, recipes, book reviews, film reviews.
  v   Holidays, hotels, travel booking.
  v   Radio and TV programs.
  v   Medical assistance service.
  v   Insurance information.
  v   Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI).
  v   School homework, quizzes, tests.
  v   Message sending service.
  v   Directories.
  v   Consumer reports.
  v   Employment directories and Job opportunities.
  v   Tax information and Tax assistance.
  v   Journey planning assistance, Train, bus, plane etc.
  v   Catalogue of Open University and Virtual University courses.